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About my Past

My programming started in middle school when I was tasked to make a web page for a school project. Microsoft Publisher and the like were not yet prominent, so I set out to learn HTML, and it evolved from there. I then went to college to begin learning Video Game programming. It was the first year that the school I chose had decided to offer their game programming courses, and it showed. I took a class on Dark Basic Professional and loved how easy the language was, and in 3 short months, I had a fully working Advanced Pong game done. The class after that started with the class taking Unreal Tournament and modding it to a different theme, and all the programming was in C++. This wasn't a C++ beginners class, but an advanced one. As you could tell, the leap was far too great, and I left the school shortly after that class.

Since Dark Basic Professional was the best class I had taken in years, I stuck with it, and 7 years later I am still making almost all of my apps with the language.


The only downside to Dark Basic is that it is not always 100% supported, and anyone who uses the language knows you have to think creatively to get around the "quirks" to the language. I will share mine here over time.


KISTech over at the Game Creators forums created a plugin DLL that allows you to connect to ODBC databases. The plugin works great, but I wanted to add two commands, and KISTech had lost his source code and moved away from programming. I was able to decompile his plugin and use one of his own tutorials to re-create the plugin, and add the commands I wanted. See the thread below for a full list of changes and commands.



Cloggy over at the Game Creators forums created a plugin DLL that allows you to draw shapes and text at a much faster rate than the native commands. Although he did release the source code for his plugin, he never released the source code for his absolute latest version, which fixed many bugs and memory leaks. I tracked Cloggy down to Twitter and was able to get the latest source. I then added my viewport commands back in, which allow you to limit the drawing commands of the plugin and the native Dark Basic commands as well, to a specific portion of the screen. Although the thread is locked, I did manage to get the last post on the thread, and am updating that post with my edited version of the plugin

DOWNLOAD D3DFunc V3.8.x.x